Resident's Learning Center

One of the goals of NaCCRA is to provide education on issues important to CCRC residents. The Learning Center offers articles on a range of important topics. 

NaCCRA Congress

The NaCCRA Congress is the place for State Presidents and State Association leaders to exchange of ideas, opinions, and experiences. The intent is to bring people across the nation together in a gathering place. The Congress will meet at the Annual Meeting in New Orleans on Saturday, October 28, 2018.

Active Aging Advocates

Active Aging Advocates is a coalition of people working together to support active living through the challenges of aging.  You will find thought provoking articles and opinion on various aspects of aging.

Helpful Links

There are many websites that offer information  that is useful for prospective and current residents of CCRS as well as older adults.

Disaster Guides

Ed Peloquin prepared Disaster Guides targeted for long-term care services. He was a disaster preparedness specialist at Leading Age, NJ. He is sharing them with NaCCRA.