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NaCCRA’s home website, where you are now, is only the beginning of the resources that NaCCRA and others make available to help you to learn more about aging, senior living, and senior housing.

We take the security of membership information very seriously, and so information about joining and maintaining membership, as well as members-only content, is in a separate website at, or because some way not remember whether “member” is plural or singular, the pointer goes to the same website.

Since NaCCRA is an organization, there are materials relevant to the doings of the organization. Since those are unlikely to be of general interest, they can be found in a separate governance website,

Recently, NaCCRA has undertaken an effort to invigorate our grass roots support by creating a forum (a Congress for thinkers) to facilitate the exchange of ideas, opinions, and experiences. The intent is to bring people across the nation together in a gathering place. Since that is something that would be of less interest to the casual web user, we have created for that purpose.

There are people, say, in their forties, or younger, who are just beginning to think about aging. They are still active, and to respond to their specialized information needs, we’ve created another specialized website under a different brand name at

NaCCRA is a growing, vigorous organization working for the best interests of people as they age. We’re here to help you – a gathering of people for mutual support and shared information – when, and as, you have a need or interest in learning more.

Links to articles on topics of interest:

Seniors and the CCRC Model, a presentation made to the Washington State Legislative Committee on Aging and Disability.

Thinking of moving to a CCRC (aka Life Plan Community)?
Health and Wellness for Seniors
Computers and the Internet for Seniors
Travel for Seniors

If you know of recent online articles that would be appropriate for this Resources section, please use the Contact form to share those links with the webmaster. We appreciate your help in keeping our website fresh and useful!

Download NaCCRA’s brochure here. (PDF, 215 kb)

Other organizations and websites of interest to seniors:

PLEASE NOTE: NaCCRA and this website continue to use the traditional term Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC), even though America’s “retirement industry” is transitioning to a different term, Life Plan Community, which some in the industry believe will have greater appeal to Baby Boomer retirees.