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Mike Molino

How Does Your Dining Staff Determine Resident Wants and Needs? 3 112

Karen Miller

Dining supervision during open hours of restaurant 2 82

Robert Doherty

Dining take home policy 9 196

Jim Ogle

Dining Credit $ 3 125

Linda B. Childs

Menu Selections 3 146


nutrition analysis of recipes and meal courses 7 125

Jim Ogle

Dining 4 132

Richard Ridge

Staffing Levels and the Effect on Dining 9 235

David Bayer

Dress Codes 3 176

Chapter Glen Meadows

Dining Changes 1 193

Ann MacKay

Dining Changes with COVID-19 1 184

Edward Streit

Declining Balance Meal Allowance; Use It or Lose It! 1 317

David Bayer

Meal Allotment plans converting to declining balance plan 1 518

Jennifer J. Young

Changing from Meal Plan Allotments to a Declining Balance system 1 278