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Being Charged Sales Tax on CCRC fees
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We are charged sales tax on guest meals, guest rooms, and food we purchase in the convenience stores. There is no sales tax on monthly fees.

I have an alert for CCRC bills and LegisScan came up with this link today. I did not read the whole thing but I did see CCRC tax forgiveness in the title.

North Carolina Legislation

Ann MacKay
Any CCRCs out there charging sales tax on resident fees?  

If so, are only "certain" fees charged for sales tax --- like guest meals, or the guest apartment,  for example?  Or the whole monthly assessment?

If you're charged sales tax, is it at any kind of special state rate or the full state rate?  If you live in a municipality that can add its own sales tax amount, is that added on?

Please provide the name of your CCRC, contract type (A - E), whether you're For Profit or non-profit,  and what state you're in.  

It seems to have become a potential possibility here in North Carolina.

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