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CODIV-19 Related Issues

COVID-19 Vaccinations
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Glen Meadows held vaccination clinics for IL residents on Feb. 19th and Mar. 12th. Residents received the Pfizer vaccine and 86% of IL residents are now, thankfully, fully vaccinated. Skilled Nursing and Assisted Living residents and staff had received the vaccine prior to this time. One more clinic is scheduled on Apr. 2nd for people who still need a 2nd shot. Management will provide a final report after this last clinic.

Even so a staff member contracts COVID about once every one to two weeks. In Maryland this is considered an active outbreak and visitation is then closed to skilled nursing and assisted living residents. I understand how difficult it is to hire and retain staff at CCRCs. At the same time it seems to me that the loss of visitation is an undue hardship for these residents and their families.

I'm wondering how CCRCs across the country are handling the issue of staff vaccinations. Are any CCRCs requiring staff to be vaccinated as a term for employment?

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