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Technology Help
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We have a computer club that most all join. Members provide software advice, computer/smart stuff help, someone is a TIVO expert and helps others set that up for TV.

The security technology was changed. No longer a pull line for help in each resident room. Now just one in bathroom. You can get a device to wear with a button for help, but limited to inside residence. You are given a ribbon to put on outside door knob that anyone seeing late morning can call nurse for welfare check. This is a supposedly upscale place. You have the option to get your own device with button that works anywhere you go and can call anyone you want. Apple watches have a fall detection. Other places have in-residence devices that could detect motion to see if you are up and about. There are call boxes around the community. It may come down to what is cost effective, they effect the monthly budget / fee.

Linda Kilcrease

Resident of a CCRC

What is offered in the way of technology to residents in your communties? What help/support is available to residents? Is management moving toward smart apartments? If so, i what way?

We are Goodwin House Bailey's Crossroads have formed a new Resident Technology Committee and would love to find out what others are doing.

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