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Our CCRC has issues around the campuses with radon radioactive gas. When management was silent and unresponsive to fixing my residence, and would not bring in an expert for analysis, I purchased an air quality continuous monitor device that takes indoor air samples every 5 minutes for 6 contaminants (radon every 1 hour). I found I have high radon and also high CO2 (stagnant air, no fresh air, no air flow), both serious health hazards. I had to file a complaint with the board of directors to get attention, and now there is action.

My surprise is that the resident council's executive committee rejected my written suggestion form for management to test the communities' residences for radon. Then management told them that it is my (one person) problem, the extent of what is known, and it is being taken care of. I wrote the EC the truth, and have examples of radon problems around the communities. So they / management killed the suggestion (meaning it will not be in the minutes where other residents can be made aware, and act to protect themselves). And then by making it a one person problem, which is not true, they are covering up the radon problem. Even as they are forced now to fix my apartment problems - and a radon solution fixes many apartments.

Is your resident council just as ineffective? They never responded to me in any way since then, but did write me to not contact them any further on the radon topic as it is "my problem". I suspect they have management pressure and it is a hot potato, perhaps threatens their existence. So they seem complicit in a cover up.

Linda Kilcrease

Resident of a CCRC

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