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Residence and Care Agreements

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I believe you will find with Type B Contracts residents will likely get a discount of some sort as they move to various levels of care. No ‘‘new” entry Contract will have to be signed but usually an admissions agreement is required if the care levels are licensed facilities.

Thanks, Linda. I am familiar with the different contract types and I do know that there are no two CCRCs that are alike. I am also familiar with mylifesite.

What I am looking for is some feedback from those members who are residents in a community that offers Type B contracts. I would like to know if all communities that have Type B contracts, ask residents to sign a new contract as they move from one care level to the next one.

This website has lots of good blog posts on CCRCs. Here is one on contract types. In my searching and visiting CCRCs, it seems each has its own flavor of contract types and some are moving more to fee for service.

Linda Kilcrease

Resident of a CCRC

I am encountering in my research CCRCs that have only a Type B contract and they have separate contracts for individual living, assisted living and nursing and memory care. Is this the common approach for Type B contracts? With the many contracts, one has no idea about any future financial obligations, everything is wide open and a TBD until the time comes for moving to the next level of care. How do people who join a CCRC with this kind of approach know if they will be able to pay for future expenses?

Your comments would be appreciated. Thanks.

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