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Questions about heathcare services in your CCRCs i...
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Charlestown (2000 residents) has a Medical Center staffed with 4 physicians certified in internal medicine and geriatrics, one podiatrist, a psychiatric clinical nurse specialist and a social worker. There are medical assistants assisting the doctors. Lab Corp staff are there every morning for lab draws.

Security and Emergency Services Officers are on staff 24/7. They have been trained and certified as Emergency Medical Responders (EMR) by the National Safety Council. They reponse to pendents calls. The response time is rapid as far as I know. Since they are not EMTs they do not have to transport to the hospital automatically, They have the ability to confer with the physician on call to make that determination if needed. Of course, depending on the situation, the SES may call 911 as they go to a call.

The EMR handle emergencies in independent living.

Ann MacKay

I'd appreciate information about the following, as it pertains to your CCRC:

- does your CCRC have an on-site clinic/medical department? If so, what type of medical staff do they have (specialty, number, availability, etc.)?

- who responds if a resident in IL uses the emergency pendant (or whatever similar emergency device they have) and is there a stated response time?

- is the an RN available 24*7 and would the RN come out if a resident in IL has a medical emergency (to establish if 911 has to be called) and to provide immediate help/talk to the ambulance on their way, etc.?


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