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Interiors of Elevators
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We have had renovation of several elevators. The interiors are a peddled stainless below the handrail and a woodgrain panel above. I am attaching a photo. It has helped significantly with damage from the items you mentioned. Otis Elevator has the contract for the renovations.

Ann MacKay

Charlestown, Catonsville, MD

Thank you for your reply.

I ask for the community's name, in case our Facilities Director "might" want to follow up with the Facilities Director there, as ours here considers stainless steel.

Jennifer, I'm not sure how my location is relevant to your question, but I live at Goodwin House in Alexandria, VA. I'm glad you found my reply helpful.

Geoffrey, I just now realized that I asked for the name of your community and yet I didn't provide mine. Apologies. I'm from The Village at Brookwood, in Burlington NC.

Thank you, Geoffrey, for the prompt and HELPFUL reply. May I ask the name of your community?

Our community has eleven elevators. Almost all have brushed stainless steel interiors. They resist most damage well except very sharp metallic gouging. The downside is the daily maintenance to remove fingerprints, handprints, and smudges of all kinds. It requires hours per day from the maintenance staff. It's very akin to cleaning stainless steel appliances.

If the surfaces you want to protect are attractive enough that you don't want to cover them, you might consider affixing quarter inch plexiglas sheeting. It is sturdy, relatively inexpensive, and doesn't require constant cleaning.

I realize this is a very odd question .... but there was a recent discussion in our Property Committee about the unsightliness of the inside of our elevators. It sounds like the sides are getting marred by resident scooters or their rollators or the shopping carts or hotel-type wardrobe carts. Buffing hasn't really helped. Imagine my surprise when the Facilities Director mentioned putting in stainless steel siding. That's quite expensive!! Thinking that our problem most probably isn't unique to us, I asked what our staff knew about what other senior communities were doing to resolve this kind of problem -- maybe "the wheel has been invented elsewhere." From their reaction, I realize that evidently asking other Facility Directors in other communities just may not have been encouraged nor did I occur to them. No forums? No peers you can contact? I saw no response. I said that I had a great way to ask residents (not staff) of CCRCs nationwide (this and other NaCCRA forums), even though residents may not know what their community uses in their elevators. What can minimize the signs of "hard knocks?" So, if you can add to my knowledge (as well as help me prove it can be valuable to ask others), I'd appreciate hearing from you. Thanks.

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