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NaCCRA transparency to members
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Susan, this is on our To Do list

Jim Haynes

Posting past minutes is on our To Do list.

Jim Haynes

Could someone point me please to where the minutes of the Board meetings might be? I used Search for "minutes" but it did not find anything and manual searching did not reveal them either. Hopefully this post will get a reply soon and I will not have to wait for an answer for 2+ years like Liz 😀😀. Thanks.

Look under Documents at the page top.

Previous generations of the NaCCRA website contained the NaCCRA bylaws. I am not finding them on the current website. Perhaps I am missing something.

Are the NaCCRA bylaws on the website?

As I recall, the bylaws require NaCCRA to post Board meetings minutes on the website.

I regard this as important transparency to members.   Perhaps the Board meeting minutes are online and I am just not seeing them. Are the minutes on the website? (I have never yet died of embarrassment in a situation of not finding something "in plain sight" on a website.)

Thank you.
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