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Waterproof Pendant Call Systems
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My Apple Watch series 4 has a fall indicator. If I stumble, the watch has a message asking me if I am okay. If I respond No, it will call security which is our protocol.
Thank you.  Your comment was helpful.  We are all getting new pendants in mid-April (some use wrist bands).  Last week we were officially told the new ones are waterproof and okay in a saline pool.  In the informational meeting a resident asked if the new pendants had an automatic fall detection.  Evidently some products have pendants that can detect a fast change "in altitude" or some special technology along those lines.

Any communities out there with pendants that can detect a fall as well as being waterproof?

Thanks again, Ann. 
Charlestown has a new waterproof pendant that new residents receive. They are waterproof. They are from Inovonics. The older model is water resistant. We will get the new ones when it needs replacement. We can buy the newer smaller model for about $100 if we want to upgrade.
Is anyone living in a CCRC with an Emergency Call system that is waterproof (not just water resistant)?  That is to say, residents can wear their pendants in the swimming pool.  Is your pool saline?  Please indicate the name of your community, as I'd like to find out about vendors that offer waterproof pendants that are okay in a saline pool.  Thanks.
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