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Our Resident  Handbook is basically written by a resident with input from all the committee chairs.  He/she does it in consultation with appropriate staff members.  Published in loose leaf notebooks, pages updating information come out every year as necessary and is given to every new resident.
Bunty Ketcham.  Ingleside at Rock Creek
Hi, Jennifer, you can find the introduction of our Touchtown based resident portal at
Ann, you are very helpful.

Our community's Marketing Department has been working on a new website for over two years.  Some of us have asked if there will be a Residents Portal -- it sounds like it might be along the lines of your Touchtown app.  The answer has been "yes," but seeing will be believing.

Do you have a special Council role or special committee that is assigned the upkeep and updating of the resident-sponsored site?

Thanks again.
Our handbook does not have the level of detail it used to have because we have an App just for residents through Touchtown. It is called MyErickson running on the Touchtown backbone. It works on a smartphone, tablet or computer.

We also have a resident sponsored website that covers the nitty gritty about hours and locations.

Our handbook was published each year with updates with input from the resident council. The last handbook was published in August 2017 with less content as we moved to digital communication.
I am interested in knowing if there are communities out there in which residents have "input" into what the Resident Handbook provides.  Let's say that management produces organized pages of policies -- parking do's and don'ts or use of bulletin boards or what meals require reservations, etc..  Are residents able to suggest things be included like "what happens if we're late for our meal reservation .. that information is not in the Handbook" or "you mention the level of TV cable service that is included in our monthly fee, but where do we obtain the channel listing?"  or "since delivered packages are left at the front desk, where can we find out the latest time of the day we can retrieve our package?" or "The Handbook mentions a library but says nothing about how we how we can donate books."   Are residents asked for suggestions on what additional information would be helpful if added to the Handbook?  Is your community's Handbook considered the "go to" source for policies, procedures, and details?

Also, if there are "tweaks" to any Handbook pages (such as an extension of dining hours or new restrictions on where golf carts can be parked), is everyone provided the revised Handbook pages?  I've just learned that at our community new residents get the latest version of the Handbook, but those already living here do not.   Is it that way where you live?

Any comments you have would be helpful.  Thanks.    
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