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Meal Allotment plans converting to declining balan...
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At our facility I can't tell you about change over.  What we have is a declining balance meal plan depending  in what part of independent living in which you live.  Go figure.  In our apartment building with the café the members get $170 pp a month to spend coupled with higher rents and higher buy in fees.  In our condos and houses, with slightly cheaper rents and buy in fees, they get nothing other than a discount on a purchase of dining dollars.  For new members in condos and houses they get something like $100 pp gratus.  Dining dollars are a use it or lose it deal with no carryover.  Those on vacation in the apartment building can request a  limited make up credit for the time they are gone.
Has anyone experienced a changeover from a specified number of meals per resident per month to a declining balance system?  Example:  Meal allotment:  20 meals per month, per resident, changed to a lump dollar sum, say $200/month, which can be used for a la carte items in your dining venues and/or "tavern."   

This may have meant amending the Residence Agreement, which I assume would mean mutual agreement of all parties.

If you experienced this change, could you share how it was done -- i.e., communicated to residents, what if some residents refused, etc.

Thanks very much.
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