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Governance of CCRC/LifePlan Communities

One Board of Directors Over Multiple 501 (c)(3)...
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I don't know if it is a common practice, but there is one board for many multi-side communities. I can think of National Senior Campuses for Erickson Living Managed CCRCs (/, LifeSpire for a group of communities in Virginia 9, Lifespace (, HumanGood (, Ecumen in Minnesota (

I know Maryland CCRA has had concerns about mult-side communities and obligated groups.
Haverland Carter Life Style Group in NM manages 5 separately established 501 (c)(3)'s. Two are CCRC's, two are Assisted Living and Memory Care, and one is a Hospice. There is a single BOD over all 5 non-profits. On at least one occasion money has been gifted from one of the non-profits to another. The one very profitable non-profit guarantees loans and bond issues for new acquisitions.

Can anyone tell me if it is a common practice for a single BOD to oversee multiple 501 (c)(3)'s? Given that there is financial interlinkage it seems to me that what is good for one 501 (c)(3) might not be good for another. Financial interaction is not always mutually and equally beneficial. I think this is particularly true since at least 2 of the non-profits the BOD oversees are not currently profitable and they are essentially being propped up by the very profitable flagship operation. It could be argued that the flagship unit sacrifices needs to support expansion.

Should every 501 (c)(3) be protected by its own BOD?
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