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Grab Bar Question
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Grab bars: Check with your local Building Department about regulations. Grab bars may be mandatory for ADA reasons or in senior living facilities. When you do add grab bars, make sure they are non-slip and not fancy chrome or brass slick bars.
I think they are needed to reduce falls in bathrooms and also elevators. It is amazing that quality hotels have more grab bars than do retirement communities. Our CCRC also resists adding them unless resident pays. We need to push for code updates to acknowledge such a need.
In our independent living CC organization grab bars are a hot topic.  The organization will install 18" plain grab bars in a bathroom near tub or shower at member request at a member cost of $50 a bar.  Management and some member  prospects  do not like or want grab bars.  Other members believe that management should offer grab bars at no charge as a safety enhancement to help prevent falls.  What do you think?
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