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Access to Health Care units for visitors using mob...
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This question relates somewhat to my previous post about the admission experience into Health Care.  I had inquired about any formal "manual" for independent living CCRC residents who go into Health Care.

This is a different topic.

The wife of the temporary resident in Health Care (previous forum post) uses an electric wheelchair for mobility.  As you may recall from my post, she and her husband visited the health care unit prior to his surgery.   Being gallant, he routinely opened the entrance doors for her during that visit.   But then came reality.  When she went to visit him during his short post-op stay ..... she couldn't manage opening the main doors to the unit.  She discovered there were no automatic door openers for those using wheels or walkers.  (Note:  we acknowledge the required "lock down" for Memory Care, so this inquiry does not pertain to the Memory unit.)  These doors are HEAVY.  She definitely reported the problem.  LOTS of independent living residents use walkers, rollators, wheelchairs, and scooters ... so all would have the challenge of getting the door open when they visit their friends and loved ones.  Mention was made of installing a door bell, but if the staff were all working ... would they hear it and how quickly could they come to open the door?

So my question is this:  do the entry doors to Assisted Living and/or skilled nursing in your communities have automatic door openers for the physically/mobility challenged?  If not, does a visitor using a mobility apparatus have a problem?  How did your community resolve the issue? 


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