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Governance of CCRC/LifePlan Communities

Formation of a Residents Council
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Alan, You can see the bylaws of my communitie's Residents Association/Council at: 
I have other examples if you are interested.
As a former Louisville resident I'm wondering about what your community is. (Dad is at Cave Hill.)

I live in a “not for profit” CCRC in Louisville KY.  We have recently experienced a management change (7-1-19) with no explanation given.  Residents are disturbed by the lack of communication and there have been rumblings of a “residents council”.


Is there an NaCCRA member who is a member of a “Residents Council” that would be willing to share their organization’s by-laws and rules of governance with me?  I’m  looking for a template to use when approaching my neighbors with the idea of organizing.


Jim Haynes, can you point me in a direction to initiate the formation of a residents council?





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