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Employee Gift Fund checks
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Can you give more information about the technique to print appreciation fund checks from an excel spreadsheets? Can you send a copy of a template spreadsheet? Does the technique use forms, VBA, or macros?

Bert Laurence, Channing House
An Excel spreadsheet can be programmed to print checks if all of the information needed for the check is on the spreadsheet.  

Attention:  Gift Fund chairpersons

We at Goodwin House (Virginia) are seeking suggestions for software to use in preparing about 500 computer-printed checks for our annual staff gifts. To avoid having the gifts taxable to the staff members, we, of course, cannot have HR prepare the checks.  The software we have been using to prepare them ourselves from a spreadsheet provided by HR is becoming increasingly obsolete. Have you found a viable solution? Thank you for helping us chart a new course.

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