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What are people doing in self isolating?
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Marty Waxman from North Oaks asked me to post this:

With regard to your request concerning what ccrs are doing to keep residents active while isolating in apartments.  At North Oaks:

1.  A new video calling service has been established with IPads supplied.
2.  Starting this week, each Monday a Puzzle Challenge will be placed at our doors to be completed by Friday and those who do best will be recognized.
3.  Each day of the week following Monday they will leave other activities at doors, details of which I don't yet know but they are described as Tuesday: Activities Express, Wednesday: Resident Surprise, Thursday: Trivia Challenge, Friday: Activities Express.
4.  Management has done a superb job in keeping residents informed to a constantly changing situation through frequent bulletins placed under our doors and in cubbies plus the ongoing weekly publication.  In addition, North Oaks meticulously has summoned the Residents Association's Executive Committee to inform and consult as each major change is required.
As most communities are now suggesting or requiring independent residents to stay in their apartments, what are some of the things you are doing or the CCRC is providing for you?
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