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NaCCRA Forum: COVID-19 Related Issues

2022 Covid Cases Uptick
Ann MacKay

In June 2021, Maryland covid cases in CCRC nursing and assisted living units were almost to zero. Maryland Department of Health requires weekly reporting of cases. We are back to cases in almost every CCRC in Maryland. The state does not separately track cases in independent living. In our community, contract tracing indicates that cases are coming from external sources. There has not been resident-to-resident spread or staff-to-resident spread.

What's happening in your CCRC?

Ann MacKay

Charlestown in Catonsville, MD

Linda Kilcrease

Here in PA, big uptick. I just got a bad cold and am waiting for the PCR covid test results.

At our CCRC, the trend is up for both residents and team members (independent included). The contact tracing shows residents, now vaccinated, mix more with outsiders - visited outside for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year. - or had them here for dinners in apartments. They see the first resident to resident transmission. So, residents are bringing it back here. Someone went on a cruise and tested positive when back here. What was she thinking? People think they can live pre-pandemic lives and you just cannot do that yet. Other stupid human behavior is still having some symptoms and going to dining eating with friends. I'm pretty sure my cold is from a neighbor due to this. I reported her to the nurse because she did not report it herself and did not get the covid test, and now may have infected me. People are so selfish and have no concern for what they can do to others.

Linda Kilcrease

Resident of a CCRC

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