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Choking resident in dining facility
Joseph Benedict

I live in a CCRC of around 300 residents and recently there have been discussions about what the procedure should be if a resident is choking at a meal. Administration has stated that only personnel summoned from our nursing facility should take action, but some are concerned that it could take 8-10 minutes for them to arrive, which may be too long to prevent a serious outcome. A resident has procured a LifeVac device which may be used instead of the Heimlich maneuver. This is a suction device which is placed over the mouth and functions by vacuum from above rather than pressure from below, as in the Heimlich maneuver. At this time, administration has decided against obtaining the device (although a resident has obtained one and would like to incorporate it in a protocol). Do any of you out there have a protocol, and if you do, is the assistance provided by dining room staff or other personnel summoned. Does anyone have any experience with the LifeVac device? Would appreciate any feedback.

Kay Roberts

I am from a CCRC of about 500 residents. About 70% get their dinners as takeout and eat at home. The rest eat dinner at group dining areas. I am one of those and have never known of a choking incident but feel confident that dining staff together with other residents would assist.

Claudia K Blake

Every person working in Dining Services at our 500-resident CCRC is trained in the Heimlich maneuver. All supervisors, all part-time wait staff, everyone in the department, and several have had to use it over the years.

Joseph Benedict

Thank you for replying. That is useful information. Joe Benedict

Joseph Benedict

Thanks for your reply Kay. Joe Benedict

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