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Resident Engagment software at PRS affiliates
Stephen Turpin

This is related to the TouchTown thread (Janice Clements), but specifically about Pacific Retirement Services affiliates and what software they have in place for resident engagement.

I am at La Vida Llena in Albuquerque, and serve as Facilitator of the Advisory Committee on Information Technology and Communications. Wwe have a antiquated resident portal written by a resident, and recently maintenance has been taken over by the staff.

Two efforts are coming together now: (i) we are looking at how to support this functionality and expand it (probably with a commercial product) and (ii) LVL's parent corporation is in the process of negotiating an affiliation with Pacific Retirement Services for LVL.

I have a list of several products used by other communities for this function, but we are very interested in what other PRS communities might be using.

Thank you for any help on this!

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